The Workshop [Day 26]

Seth was in his workshop once again. Since Joshua had left home, he had built a table, six chairs, and a hutch. He was hoping Sam and Saffey would take them off his hands when they finished their home, which should be too long from now. Today, he would begin work on a bench perfect … Continue reading The Workshop [Day 26]


At Saffey’s Table [Day 25]

The scent of breakfast greeted Sam and Joshua long before Saffey could. Sam inhaled deeply. "I told you she was a wonderful cook," he grinned. Joshua nodded, allowing Sam to go on a few paces ahead. He felt like an intruder as they entered the couple's campsite. "Back already? It will be a few more … Continue reading At Saffey’s Table [Day 25]

Sleeping in the Stable [Day 23]

Joshua awoke with a cramp in his neck and a foul odor at his nose. It didn't take long to remember he wasn't home, not when a donkey was staring him down as he opened his eyes. "'Morning, Jed," he mumbled, stretching slowly. He had been away from home for three days now. Day one … Continue reading Sleeping in the Stable [Day 23]

The Unbeliever [Day 19]

"The book, the letter, and Xavier. They all appeared ten years ago. What else have we heard about any of this since then? I think it was all just a hoax cooked up by someone who wanted us to raise their child, no questions asked." "But the king--" "There is no king, Miriam. You don't get it at all. You and Father just want to believe this because it gives you some purpose. Well, I'm done playing along."

The Cover of Darkness [Day 18]

Joshua felt the crisp autumn air hit him as he strode from the house. The darkness and the noise of the night should have set his nerves at ease, but he was too worked up to even notice them. He couldn't believe this was happening. Sam and Saffey coming in and sharing these wild stories of this glorious kingdom. It was all just another opportunity for his father to grasp more tightly to his fantasy of purpose.

Lessons with the King [Day 17]

"Saffey, why don't you tell them of the king?"A smile came back across Saffey's face, but it was different than before. It was reverent. She looked as if she were in a dream, with her memories playing before her eyes. "Where do I begin? I've heard it said, 'A kingdom is a reflection of its king,' and never was that statement more true than of Ampelon."