An End to Training [Day 15]

The sun was just beginning to drop behind the horizon as Miriam stepped out of the woods and onto the cabin's walkway. Xavier sat on the porch step kicking at his makeshift sword that lay on the ground before him. He didn't look up as she approached, just continued muttering to himself.


The Reluctant Warrior [Day 13]

Joshua's face reflected off his sword as he wiped his rag back and forth across its edge. "You are more than conquerors through your king, who has loved you and chosen you." Xavier's young voice reading the words from the book rang in Joshua's ears. How could a king that he had never met make … Continue reading The Reluctant Warrior [Day 13]

Back to the Stables [Day 9]

"Your majesty, news has just arrived from the stables. It seems that Sir Gavitt's horse has arrived back. Unfortunately, Summit came in without a rider." Leo watched King Avir's face for any signs of reaction. He wasn't sure what to expect. In all his years of service to the First King, he had never witnessed … Continue reading Back to the Stables [Day 9]