31 Days: Your Kingdom Come

My favorite stories always include royalty, nature, and impossible odds. I can’t explain it, but those three elements seem to get me every time. I have always wanted to be part of some great kingdom–wanted to fight to further the realm of a worthy king.

I find it a little ironic, then, that it has taken me this long to realize that the Bible is a book about the battle between two kingdoms that has taken place throughout all of history. It has taken me most of my life to realize that I was meant to be a kingdom keeper, and yet I am often out building my own kingdom rather than advancing the kingdom of the First King.

When Jesus gave the model prayer, the first request that He made was simply this, “Your kingdom come” (Matthew 6:10). Jesus was willing to do anything He had to in order to make that request come true, including give His very life.

Over the next month, I plan to explore this idea of “kingdoms.” God’s kingdom, the kingdoms of the world, my own kingdom. I plan to share verses, personal insights, and even a little fiction along the way as I contemplate the kingdom and my role in it.

You are invited to follow along in my musings. I hope they lead you to some considerations of your own!

Day 2 – The Expanding Kingdom [Day 2]
Day 3 – Kingdom Keepers  [Day 3]
Day 4 – Watchmen [Day 4]
Day 5 – The Keepers  [Day 5]
Day 6 – The Parcel [Day 6]
Day 7 – Xavier [Day 7]
Day 8 – The Plot [Day 8]
Day 9 – Back to the Stables [Day 9]
Day 10 – Darkness Has Come [Day 10]
Day 11 – The Stranger [Day 11]
Day 12 – Through the Valley [Day 12]
Day 13 – The Reluctant Warrior [Day 13]
Day 14 – An End to Training [Day 14]
Day 15 – A New Friend [Day 15]
Day 16 – A Feast Fit for a King [Day 16]
Day 17 – Lessons with the King [Day 17]
Day 18 – The Cover of Darkness [Day 18]
Day 19 – The Unbeliever [Day 19]
Day 20 – Morning Light [Day 20]
Day 21 –
Day 22 –
Day 23 –
Day 24 –
Day 25 –
Day 26 –
Day 27 –
Day 28 –
Day 29 –
Day 30 –
Day 31 –


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